White Sox addressed needs before Deadline

White Sox addressed needs before Deadline

White Sox addressed needs before Deadline
MINNEAPOLIS -- As the clock struck 3 p.m. CT on Tuesday, White Sox general manager Ken Williams watched Major League Baseball's non-waiver Trade Deadline pass and moved on to other pressing personal matters.

"It has come and gone," said Williams during a Tuesday conference call with White Sox beat writers. "At this point, I'm going home to get some sleep."

Williams listened to all range of proposals Tuesday, although the team's targets figured to be utility infielder, reserve outfielder and possibly another pitcher. But nothing really came close to materializing in the ongoing quest to make this surprising division leader a World Series-caliber club.

"There were some interesting discussions but nothing that I would describe close enough to start exchanging medicals," Williams said. "I feel like just as we ask the players to grind it out and give it everything they have, we have a responsibility to do the same. We want to show them we are in this fight with them and believe in them.

"Whether or not we have positioned ourselves to close this thing out or not, we've given all we have and exhausted all options in the quest to be as good as we can be. Hopefully that's enough and hopefully the players see that."

As has been the case numerous times during Williams' 12-year tenure, the non-waiver Trade Deadline was sort of a last-minute shopping post for improving the White Sox. Kevin Youkilis was added to anchor third base on June 24, Brett Myers was added via trade as a necessary veteran bullpen presence on July 21 and Tuesday's starter Francisco Liriano was acquired late Saturday night to lessen the starters' workload and help compensate for the loss of John Danks, who will have season-ending surgery on Monday. Eduardo Escobar was the only player given up who truly figured into the White Sox future plans.

That work put in by Williams, assistant general manager Rick Hahn and their staff was not lost on the players.

"For them to add Kevin Youkilis, Brett Myers and now Liriano, we got significantly better," Jake Peavy said. "Huge props, thanks, whatever you want to say, to Kenny and the front office for getting us better in areas they deemed needed to be a little better.

"We are excited about the position we are in. We believe the next two months that, if we go and be the players we know we can be as a unit, we'll get this thing done.

"I mean it's an unbelievable message from your front office," Peavy said. "They basically said, 'Hey, we believe in you guys and we are with you and in this thing with you.'"

Adding a player from the waiver wire still remains possible through Aug. 31, in order to have the individual eligible for the playoff roster.

"We're in a very good situation in that we have addressed a number of the [perceived] holes that we have," Williams said. "At the same time, we have got a young nucleus mixed in with veterans, an enthusiastic bunch that believes in themselves.

"We have a coaching staff that comes ready to teach and motivate every day. They are ready to put them in the best position to succeed. We feel good about the whole situation."