Torres 'excited and happy' for San Francisco visit

Torres 'excited and happy' for San Francisco visit

Torres 'excited and happy' for San Francisco visit
SAN FRANCISCO -- Nearly four hours before the first pitch of Monday night's Giants-Mets game, Andres Torres already was busy. After all, he had many friendships to celebrate and acquaintances to renew.

Torres not only shook hands and exchanged hugs with numerous Giants players, but also greeted a security guard and members of the grounds crew.

"I'm really excited and happy to be back here," said Torres, the outfielder who was traded with right-hander Ramon Ramirez to the Mets for outfielder Angel Pagan last Dec. 5.

Because Torres was recovering from a hamstring injury at the Mets' training base in Florida when San Francisco visited New York in April, this was his first opportunity to exchange pleasantries with Giants personnel since the trade. One of the more popular Giants among teammates and fans during his 2009-11 stint with San Francisco, Torres expressed gratitude for the support he received.

"I always wish them the best. Everyone," he said. "I'm always thankful for everything they did for me and I really appreciate that."

Torres, who entered Monday batting .231 with 10 stolen bases in 75 games, said that he frequently encounters Giants fans wherever he goes -- including downtown San Francisco on Monday.

"They tell me, 'We miss you, Andres; we want you back. Thank you for being the [2010] World Series champs,'" he said.

Despite leaving the Giants organization, Torres said that he keeps one of his two World Series rings with him at all times (one's a replica) and frequently wears it.

"Why not?" he said.

The Giants remain a significant part of Torres' life. Despite the trade, the soon-to-be-released documentary about his struggles with ADHD is still titled "Gigante." A rough cut of the film was screened in New York on May 31. Torres believed that the final editing will be completed in time for a San Francisco premiere during the offseason.