'Weird' feeling for Liriano in new uni, clubhouse

'Weird' feeling for Liriano in new uni, clubhouse

'Weird' feeling for Liriano in new uni, clubhouse
MINNEAPOLIS -- Francisco Liriano admitted it was strange heading to the visiting clubhouse and wearing White Sox gear on Monday for the first time since he was traded for prospects Eduardo Escobar and Pedro Hernandez late Saturday night.

The left-hander is slated to make his first start for Chicago against his former club on Tuesday and said he's trying not to think too much about it just yet.

"Everything feels weird," said Liriano, who found out about the trade while he was in bed Saturday night. "I feel weird. It's kind of surprising. Mostly I just feel real weird."

Liriano met with Twins manager Ron Gardenhire before heading to the White Sox clubhouse and Gardenhire said he'll miss Liriano, who pitched seven seasons for the Twins dating back to 2005.

"It's not fun," Gardenhire said. "I have lot of respect for him and you develop relationships with these guys and they're like your kids. He was a hard worker and one of the most polite guys you'll ever meet in your life. He spent a lot of time in this organization and was always accountable. So it wasn't fun. It was more strange to tell you truth."

Liriano, who is set to be a free agent after the season, said he expected to be traded but was surprised to be traded to the division-rival White Sox. He also said he had no ill will toward the Twins, who never approached him about a contract extension.

"It didn't bother me at all," Liriano said. "To be honest, I think about it sometimes but everybody is different. I know I wasn't very consistent pitching and I was hurt and wasn't pitching that good. So it didn't bother me at all."