Crawford not likely to DH for Red Sox

Crawford not likely to DH for Red Sox

Crawford not likely to DH for Red Sox
ARLINGTON -- Though Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine thinks it's probably best at this point to remove Carl Crawford for defense in the late innings of close games, he doesn't think that using him at designated hitter is a good alternative, even with David Ortiz on the disabled list.

"I don't think so," Valentine said. "We've got to get Carl playing and into the swing of things. It's not like there wasn't a thought of it. Just thought, and negated."

Valentine also likes being able to get Pedro Ciriaco in the lineup.

"And I think Pedro offers a little something offensively that I like in there," Valentine said. "Carl DH-ing -- that means Pedro wouldn't."

Crawford has been open about the fact he will likely need to have surgery on his left (throwing) elbow once the season ends.

As he continues to play, will Crawford gain enough confidence in his arm that Valentine will be able to keep him out there for the whole game?

"I'm just playing it by ear," Valentine said. "This is all a learning experience. We'll just learn as we go. Just trying to do the smart thing and, again, not put anybody in a position to fail. Putting them in a position to succeed."