Ventura knows umpires try to get all calls correct

Ventura knows umpires try to get all calls correct

Ventura knows umpires try to get all calls correct
CHICAGO -- The White Sox seventh-inning comeback Tuesday began with a questionable call in right field, when the Twins' Darin Mastroianni slid for a sinking line drive off the bat of Alejandro De Aza.

First-base umpire Angel Hernandez originally called De Aza's ball a single before huddling with fellow umpires and ruling that Mastroianni caught it. Both White Sox manager Robin Ventura and Twins manager Ron Gardenhire argued the call.

On replays, the ball appeared to graze the grass before going into Mastroianni's glove, but Ventura said Wednesday he was fine with how the umpiring crew came to an agreement.

"You just want it to be done right. I think that's the thing. You want all the calls to be right, and it hasn't always been that way," Ventura said. "It's not always easy. I think last night, Angel thought he had [the right call] but the other guys didn't think he had it so it's just one of those things.

"Luckily we kind of overcame that and didn't succumb to feeling like, 'You're going up against something you couldn't overcome.' Just get it right, I think that's the biggest thing they're looking for."

Similar trapping plays have been discussed as a possible addition to instant replay but haven't been adopted. Ventura said in Tuesday's instance the crew did all they could.

"For calls like that, if they get together and discuss it, that's all you're pretty much going to be able to ask them to do," Ventura said.