Uggla feeling fine after beaning

Uggla feeling fine after beaning

Uggla feeling fine after beaning
MIAMI -- Braves second baseman Dan Uggla appeared to be the only one not concerned when the left side of his helmet was hit by Chad Gaudin's 92-mph fastball during the seventh inning of Tuesday night's win over the Marlins.

"I ran out there thinking I was going to see blood and teeth and everything," Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said. "He acted like nothing had happened. He was lucky, and he seems fine."

When Uggla returned to Marlins Park on Wednesday morning, his left ear was bruised and slightly swollen. But medical evaluations showed no signs of a concussion.

Gonzalez said he was told Uggla was fortunate that the ball struck the open portion of his helmet around his ear.

"I had some ringing in my ear when I first got hit, but nothing since then," Uggla said.

After getting hit, Uggla remained on his feet and bowed down only momentarily before tapping Marlins catcher John Buck on his helmet and making his way toward first base.

"I don't believe in that whole rolling on the ground thing," Uggla said. "I understand when you get hit in the head you get knocked silly a little bit and might need to take some time or come out of the game. That's understandable. But if you're not hurt, there's no reason to roll around on the ground."

The Braves kept Uggla out of the lineup for Thursday's game against the Marlins. He has ranked last in the Majors in batting average (.115) and slugging percentage (.177) since recording a four-hit game in Miami on June 5.