Former ROY Olson shares stories in book

Former ROY Olson shares stories in book

Former ROY Olson shares stories in book
SAN FRANCISCO -- Baseball players, young and old, like to tell stories, and in that respect, Padres advance scout Gregg Olson is no different.

But Olson, in his fourth year with the organization, has found a new audience for his stories and those of his peers by becoming an author.

"I was on the celebrity-golf tour for a few years between baseball and when I started scouting," Olson said. "I was at one of the events, we were all sitting around telling stories like athletes do and one of the wives said, 'They're very funny, someone should write these down.'"

So that's what Olson -- a veteran of 14 Major League seasons and the 1989 Rookie of the Year as closer with the Orioles -- went out and did.

Olson and his co-author Ocean Palmer penned "We Got to Play Baseball: 60 Stories from Men Who Played the Game."

"I looked at my phone list and looked at the names of guys I had and didn't think it would be too hard to put together some stories," Olson said on Tuesday from Miami, where he was scouting for the Padres' upcoming series with the Marlins. "It was a lot of fun to do, listening to them go on and on."

Olson said only two people declined to be interviewed. Collecting stories was the least of his problems.

"I prefaced the conversation with that they have 24 hours think of your favorite baseball story and keep it reasonably clean and I would check back the next day," Olson said. "... I didn't want to throw anyone under the bus. I wanted it clean because I knew my kids would read it."

Olson, who has a handful of his own stories included in the book, said that he would consider writing at least one more. He said his computer is brimming with stories waiting to see the light of day.

"I'm very happy with the product. The feedback has been great," Olson said. "I have at least another 90 stories on my computer. My co-author has picked his favorite 30, I picked my favorite 30. I've probably got another book right there on my computer."

As for his day job, Olson works his way around the National League to see future Padres opponents so he can pass along the latest information.

"They just turn me loose and I talk to [manager] Bud Black on the phone the first day of each series and give him my report," Olson said.

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