Optimistic Sizemore set to begin running on field

Optimistic Sizemore set to begin running on field

Optimistic Sizemore set to begin running on field
CLEVELAND -- This could be an important week for Grady Sizemore.

The injured Indians outfielder said Monday he plans to begin running on the field in the next few days. Sizemore reached the running portion of his rehab one time before, but he suffered a setback and was not able to continue.

"It slowly got worse as time went on," said Sizemore, who hasn't played this year after signing a one-year, $5 million deal in the offseason. "We had gotten pretty close to completing that rehab, and we had a setback. It wasn't major, but it was enough to where we had to back off for a couple weeks. It ended up being a good chunk of the season."

Sizemore has successfully added hitting and long toss to his rehab program, but running has been the most difficult part on his ailing back and knees. He started running on an anti-gravity treadmill a few weeks ago, and he said his body has responded well. But Sizemore doesn't know what to expect when he runs on flat ground again.

"The rehab kind of cancels each other out," he said. "You can't rehab your back fully, because your knees restrict you from doing certain things, and you can't rehab your knees fully because your back restricts you. ... There's no game plan for rehabbing multiple parts of your body.

"There's never a day where you're not sore or it doesn't create pain. Every day is pain. So far, I've been a very bad judge of pain. I've pushed through things that have really made things a lot worse and a lot more challenging for me."

Even though he hasn't played since Sept. 22, 2011, Sizemore said he still expects to play this season.

"I think I'll play, it just a matter of when," he said.

But with only a little more than two months remaining in the regular season, a return seems unlikely if Sizemore suffers another setback with his running program.