Venable reflects on amazing catch in right

Venable reflects on amazing catch in right

Venable reflects on amazing catch in right
SAN DIEGO -- While it ultimately came in a losing effort, Padres' outfielder Will Venable's diving grab in the 11th inning of Friday night's game was one of the best plays of San Diego's season to date.

According to Venable, that grab was also one of the best of his baseball career.

"It was up there just because of the situation," Venable said. "It was nice for us to be able to continue that inning tied, as opposed to down ... it extended the game a little bit."

The game might not have gotten to that 11th inning had the Rockies' Tyler Colvin not made a nearly identical diving grab in a similar spot down the right-field line just innings earlier. But while Padres manager Bud Black might be a little biased, he thought Venable's game-saving grab was even more impressive.

"Their guy made a great play," Black said. "But I think our guy made a better one."

Venable's came on a slicing line drive off the bat of shortstop Marco Scutaro. Had the ball hit the grass, Dexter Fowler, who had just followed up a single with a steal of second, would almost certainly have scored the go-ahead run for Colorado. But Venable tracked the ball and plucked it out of the air just before it hit the ground, sending his team to the bottom of the inning with a chance to win, rather than a need to tie.

"When I saw the ball off the bat, I knew it was going to be down and away from me a little bit," Venable said. "I knew I'd have to get over there, and fortunately I was able to make the play."