Cubs get into spirit of 'Super Hero Day'

Cubs get into spirit of 'Super Hero Day'

Cubs get into spirit of 'Super Hero Day'
ST. LOUIS -- The desk clerk at the St. Louis hotel did a double take on Sunday when she saw "The Flash" at the front desk.

It actually was Cubs outfielder Tony Campana, dressed in a bright red costume as part of the team's Super Hero Day.

Matt Garza, not pleased with the concept of players wearing their favorite football jerseys or hockey sweaters, came up with the hero theme. He was inspired by his son after they saw the movie, "The Avengers." Players could choose their outfits. Anthony Rizzo was "Buzz Lightyear," Ryan Dempster was "Captain America," James Russell was "Spiderman," David DeJesus was "He-Man."

Alfonso Soriano and Starlin Castro teamed up to be Batman and Robin, and Soriano was so proud of his costume that he had one of the clubhouse attendants iron the cape.

"We're always together, so that's why I picked Batman and Robin," Soriano said.

The idea for the trip came before the tragedy at the movie theater in Aurora, Colo., involving the Batman movie.

"Our hearts go out to all the families and the city," manager Dale Sveum said.

The Cubs were trying to break up the season. The Rays do a "whiteout" trip and wear all white on a trip to Miami; the Cubs will be dressed as heroes. Some of them wore their outfits to Busch Stadium, some had them hidden. Campana said a man at their hotel wouldn't get on the elevator with him and Rizzo, who were already dressed in their super suits.

"I said it was 'Super Hero Day,'" Campana said.

Pitcher Travis Wood's costume was so convincing that the security guard wasn't sure if he was a player or someone trying to sneak into the ballpark.

"Guys can let it loose, have a little fun, take a little pressure off," Garza said. "A little bit of embarrassment can go a long way. It gets you out of your own skin a little bit."

The plan is for the players to wear the costumes after Sunday's game on the plane to Pittsburgh. And it's not just the players but also Sveum and his staff. Sveum will be dressed as "Hellboy." The city of Pittsburgh will be invaded tonight by some crazy Cubs players.

"I'm going to wear this thing all night -- I'm going to wear it to dinner," Garza said. "You don't buy it for an hour, you wear it the whole time."