Roenicke aims to keep Brewers focused

Roenicke aims to keep Brewers focused

Roenicke aims to keep Brewers focused
CINCINNATI -- Brewers-related trade rumors are sure to pick up after their series loss to the first-place Reds, a fact of baseball life that manager Ron Roenicke conceded will pose an additional challenge to his team.

"Oh, sure, it's a possible distraction," Roenicke said. "These guys talk all the time. They watch ESPN and MLB [Network], and the talks are going on every day. You can't not ever think about those kind of things.

"I think [players] get used to so much talk going on. Some things do happen, most of the things don't happen. They realize a lot of it's speculation. They realize they still have a job to do."

Losses in the first two games of a weekend series in Cincinnati dropped the Brewers 9 1/2 games out of first place in the National League Central.

The real trouble is that they trail three teams: The Reds, Pirates and Cardinals.

"It's really hard," Roenicke said. "If you're just trying to chase one team, you're OK. You just have to get hot, they get a little cold spell, and maybe play a lot of games head to head. When you're facing three teams and you're down by a bit, it makes it difficult."

Roenicke remains hopeful of a turnaround.

"You never know when your team's going to click," Roenicke said "You look at last year with St. Louis and what they did. You can take it all the way to the last month of the season and be 'out of it' basically, and next thing you know, you do what they ended up doing last year."

The 2011 Cardinals added players during the summer, including shortstop Rafael Furcal and a group of relievers.