Swisher ruled out until at least Monday

Swisher ruled out until at least Monday

Swisher ruled out until at least Monday
OAKLAND -- Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher joked Friday that "disabled list" wasn't in his vocabulary. He followed up Saturday by asking "What's that mean, anyway?"

Swisher won't be playing until the Yankees hit Seattle on Monday, at the earliest, but still expects he will be out for just a few days. An MRI on of Swisher's left leg Saturday morning near the Oakland Coliseum revealed what's being called a mild left hip flexor strain -- the result Swisher and manager Joe Girardi expected.

"It's tight. Walking around good," said Swisher on Saturday afternoon, after he was hurt running to first on a seventh-inning groundout Friday. "I know you guys want a timetable. I wish I could tell you, but I just don't know. We'll go in here and hang out with [head trainer Steve Donohue]. Me and Stevie haven't been hanging out very much lately."

Said Girardi after a 2-1 loss to the A's Saturday night: "He has a mild strain. He's still day to day. He's not going to play tomorrow and I don't know if we'll see him in Seattle. We'll just see how he responds to treatment."

Swisher sustained a quad contusion in June, but said "that was on the outside, this is more on the inside." He also indicated he won't need to be at 100 percent to return to the field.

"I feel like I'm one of those guys that I can play through a lot of pain," Swisher said. "I've got to take these next couple of days off, just chill out, and we'll see what happens in Seattle."

Swisher's injury in reality may be slightly different than a hip flexor strain. He said Friday he felt the injury was more in his quad area, and both Swisher and Girardi indicated Saturday night that it was being termed a hip flexor strain for simplicity's sake.

"I think what they're calling it is a mild hip flexor strain," Swisher said. "I think that's what everybody's on board saying."

Said Girardi: "That's not the muscle that they call it. Ask -- I'm going to say it's the hip flexor."

Dewayne Wise started in right field and batted ninth Saturday. Girardi said the Yankees are OK to play short for a bit.

"In the meantime, we're OK because we have Wisey," Girardi said. "We're OK there. It's something we're just going to have to deal with over the next couple days."