Olivo was ready to pitch if needed

Olivo was ready to pitch if needed

Olivo was ready to pitch if needed
ST. PETERSBURG -- Miguel Olivo has never been called on to pitch in a Major League game, but the Mariners catcher was ready and willing after being asked to warm up in the bullpen in the 14th inning of Friday's game with the Rays.

Closer Tom Wilhelmsen, Seattle's last available reliever, wound up giving up the losing run on a one-out hit in the 14th in the 4-3 defeat, leaving Olivo standing in the bullpen.

"In the Minor Leagues, maybe Single-A, I threw in a game. And I warmed up for a game in Colorado when I played for San Diego [in 2005], but I didn't get in that one either," Olivo said.

Olivo, who pitched in youth baseball up until he was 14 or 15, would have welcomed the opportunity.

"Anytime I get on the field, I'm excited," Olivo said. "I went over there and warmed up, Fifi [Felix Hernandez] was telling me stuff about what to do. I was just going to throw hard. I don't throw breaking stuff. I would just throw fastballs. I know I'd be plus-90 [mph] though."

Manager Eric Wedge said he opted for Olivo as his next man up because he's a "veteran guy, good arm, been around."

Wedge said lots of names were lobbed at him and pitching coach Carl Willis as they debated the options on the bench. Among those who weren't considered was Ichiro Suzuki, whom Wedge wasn't going to risk putting in an injury situation on the mound.

"Yeah, that would go over real good if I did that," he said with a grin. "Just put my neck in the guillotine right now. I can't fix it if I'm not here, you know what I mean?"