Book details Braves' memorable '57 season

Book details Braves' memorable '57 season

Book details Braves' memorable '57 season
ATLANTA -- Before the Braves arrived in Atlanta in 1966, they were the Milwaukee Braves (and the Boston Braves before that), a team with a proud history that included a victory in the '57 World Series. The Braves defeated the Yankees in seven games during that Fall Classic, earning the franchise's first championship since 1914.

Earlier this month, "Bushville Wins!" by John Kilma, a new book chronicling the Braves' historic 1957 season, was published. Kilma was in Atlanta this week promoting the book after doing the same during a visit to Milwaukee.

Kilma said that while the book is about the Milwaukee iteration of the Braves, it still has much to offer fans in Atlanta.

"I think the real significance of this book for the Atlanta Braves fans is the understanding of Henry Aaron's early career," Kilma said. "In 1957, he's 23 years old. He's coming off a year in which he won a batting title, and he feels like he's had a bad year. So somewhere along the line it clicks and he decides, 'I'm going to put this ballclub on my shoulders this time.'"

Aaron proceeded to win the National League MVP Award after leading the Major Leagues with 44 home runs and 132 RBIs.

The Braves were already a strong team with Hall of Famers Eddie Mathews and Warren Spahn leading the way before Aaron's breakout season. With him, they were able to win their only World Series while in Milwaukee.

Kilma said his book is not a dry history book, instead attempting to capture the true atmosphere of the Braves' clubhouse.

"Most history is dry and boring," Kilma said. "This is a very alive book with players talking the way they talked, doing things the way they did. I wish baseball were more like this today, where there was more emotion."