Brewers net pick from Competitive Balance Lottery

Brewers net pick from Competitive Balance Lottery

Brewers net pick from Competitive Balance Lottery
MILWAUKEE -- The Brewers will get an extra selection between the second and third rounds of the 2013 First-Year Player Draft thanks to the first-ever Competitive Balance Lottery, an event staged Wednesday.

The Brewers won the fifth pick in Compensation Round B, though the precise slot of that pick will not be determined until next spring because of another change, this one to the rules related to compensation-eligible free agents.

It's complicated. But here's a primer on Wednesday's lottery:

For Compensation Round A, the 10 smallest-market teams and 10 lowest-revenue teams were entered into a lottery, with odds of winning based on last year's regular-season record, for six picks after the first round and before the second round of next year's Draft. Because of crossover in those two groups, 13 teams were eligible this year.

The Royals, Pirates, D-backs, Orioles, Reds and Marlins won those selections on Wednesday.

Then, the eligible teams that did not win a Round A pick were added back into the hopper for Round B, along with any other team that received revenue sharing. This year, only one other team qualified -- the Tigers.

The Round B winners were, in order, the Padres, Indians, Rockies, Athletics, Brewers and Tigers.

The lottery is one of a slew of Draft-related changes introduced in Major League Baseball's new Collective Bargaining Agreement to increase parity in baseball. The tweaks included a slotting system that penalized teams for overspending on picks in the first 10 rounds, and dramatic changes to the system by which teams are compensated for top free agents who sign elsewhere.

Executives around the game, including general manager Doug Melvin and his crew in Milwaukee, are still feeling their way through the changes, which in the big picture were designed to further level the playing field in the game.

"I don't know if it's helped our [smaller] markets as much as people think," Melvin said, "but I'm not going to complain about it."

In one significant new wrinkle, picks won in the Competitive Balance Lottery may be traded, the first time Major League teams have been allowed to trade Draft selections. Such deals are restricted to the regular season -- for example, the Brewers could package their pick in a deal at the non-waiver Trade Deadline, or in a trade next May, but not at December's Winter Meetings.