Worth noting

Worth noting

• Carlos Beltran was given most of the day off Wednesday before lacing a pinch-hit double and scoring a run in the ninth inning of the Cards' 4-3 loss. Matheny said Beltran's rest was planned, much like his respite in the series opener, to give him a break after playing in the All-Star Game. Matheny talks to the veteran outfielder every day to get a read on how he is feeling. When the two spoke after the break, Matheny said Beltran told him, "Hey, I'm struggling right now."

"There have been times where we've done this in the past, too, had a plan and his body just responds way better than he thought, and he just says, 'Hey, listen, I really feel good today," Matheny said. "Today wasn't one of those days. He's doing everything he can."

• After not appearing in either of the first two games against the Brewers after his inaugural callup, Trevor Rosenthal made his big league debut on Wednesday, firing a scoreless eighth and stranding the bases loaded.

"Take the baseball side out and put the human side back in, and this guy's been looking for this day for a long time," Matheny said before the game. "I'm excited for him to experience that."

• Major League Baseball's first Competitive Balance Lottery came and went on Wednesday, and St. Louis was one of two eligible teams to not receive an extra selection in the 2013 First-Year Player Draft.

In all, 14 teams were hoping for one of 12 selections -- six after the first round and six more after the second round. The Cardinals and Rays were the only teams to not acquire a pick, while the Royals won the lottery to receive the first pick after the first round. The Pirates were awarded the second bonus selection.