Konerko expected to rebound at plate

Konerko expected to rebound at plate

Konerko expected to rebound at plate
KANSAS CITY -- As of May 27, Paul Konerko was hitting a Major League-best .399. To think the White Sox captain would maintain such a pace would be unrealistic and unfair.

So, the .228 average (31-for-136) produced by Konerko since that point does not have the White Sox concerned.

"It's a pretty tough pace to keep up with," said White Sox hitting coach Jeff Manto of Konerko, who still is hitting what would be a career-best .321 with 42 RBIs. "He definitely will have a successful season. What number he'll hit, nobody knows. He'll be productive and he'll have the numbers that he usually puts out without question.

"Right now, it's about timing more than anything. There are a couple of pitches out of his zone that he might have swung at. But it's always a competitive at-bat. He's never far off from what he wants to do.

Manto said the key for Konerko is to stick to a plan, which shouldn't be a problem for a veteran who always is infinitely prepared.

"The plan is to continue to have quality at-bats," Manto said. "Sometimes as players, when they get into a little funk, you have to take a step back.

"You can't go up to the plate and swing your way out of it. There has to be a plan, and the plan right now is to pick a zone and the zone he's looking for and stick with the plan. There's no way he could say I want to get a hit or do this."