Bauer clarifies remarks made on Twitter

Bauer clarifies remarks made on Twitter

Bauer clarifies remarks made on Twitter
CHICAGO -- Trevor Bauer enjoys signing autographs for fans, but the D-backs' rookie was a little miffed Saturday when he was surrounded by fans at the team's downtown hotel.

"Appreciate the fan support, but it's not appreciated when a bunch of people crowd in front of me and won't let me walk coming out of the hotel," he wrote on Twitter.

The tweet got plenty of responses -- some of which were not complimentary -- and Bauer explained Sunday what he was trying to say.

"All I ask is to be treated respectfully like any other human being would," he said. "I have no problem signing with fans or interacting with fans -- I enjoy doing that -- [except] when stuff is shoved in my face and I'm not even asked. Or they just shove a pen or paper in my face and there's five or six people in front of me where I can't even walk. ... I ended up missing a tour I was going on because I got delayed at the hotel.

"I found the way I was approached disrespectful, that's why I said something. I take time out of my day to make sure I do sign, because when I was a young kid I enjoyed the players who signed for me."

Bauer has over 12,000 Twitter followers (@BauerOutage) and despite some unflattering things tweeted to or about him, he does not plan on abandoning his account any time soon.

"I try to use Twitter as more of a way to interact with fans who have intelligent questions about baseball," he said. "It's hard to see those questions without seeing the other stuff."