Getz tabbed as Royals' emergency catcher

Getz tabbed as Royals' emergency catcher

Getz tabbed as Royals' emergency catcher
KANSAS CITY -- So now we know. With Mitch Maier off the roster, the Royals' emergency catcher is ... ta-da, second baseman Chris Getz.

"I have a lot of experience back there, considering Little League," Getz said. "I caught up until I was 12, so I'm their guy."

Manager Ned Yost used both catchers, Salvador Perez and Brayan Pena, in Friday night's 14-inning loss to the White Sox and he checked with Getz to see if he could fill in if something happened to Pena. Getz readily agreed and, in fact, he was held back just in case and didn't get in the game.

"In Little League, I was the shortstop, but we didn't have many kids that could actually catch so I caught," Getz said. "And one of my things was I'd just fake a passed ball so the runner would go and I could throw him out. I don't know if they'd bite on that up here."


"They'd probably expect me to have a lot of passed balls, so I could lure 'em," he said.

Well, sure.

Maier, an outfielder back in the organization after accepting an assignment to Triple-A Omaha, started his pro career as a catcher. He was also the Royals' emergency pitcher, used twice in the last two years. And, in fact, Getz also could take the mound in a pinch, because he was a closer in high school and college.

"Have I been anointed all this?" Getz said. "What a day. Little did I know."

Aside from his new catching and pitching duties, Getz was also in Saturday night's lineup at second base.

"Clearly, that's secondary, no pun intended," he said wryly.