McCann calls son's birth 'coolest moment' of his life

McCann calls son's birth 'coolest moment' of his life

McCann calls son's birth 'coolest moment' of his life
ATLANTA -- One day after witnessing the birth of his first son, Colt, catcher Brian McCann was all smiles as he discussed the event.

"Everybody tells you the experience that you're going to have is the best," McCann said. "But going through it was by far the coolest moment and experience of my life."

Colt, who weighed in at seven pounds and two ounces, was delivered on Friday at Northside Hospital. McCann expressed pride in his wife, Ashley, and the way she handled the delivery.

"It was 25 minutes of pushing," he said. "The [doctors and nurses] couldn't believe how quick and easy everything was. That was a good sign. It was a good delivery. Everybody's healthy. I'm extremely excited."

McCann admitted to getting a lift from a video sent to him by David Ross prior to the game.

"It made my day," he said. "I got it, like, 5:30, before the game. It was awesome. All those guys were screaming. I wanted to be here, but obviously, I couldn't. To have their support was great."

Ross further made McCann's day with his three-run homer in the third inning.

"I was screaming, and the nurse was in there. She obviously didn't know who I was," he said. "I'm watching the game and he hits the homer and I'm jumping up and down. She's like, 'What are you so invested in this game for?' I was like, 'Yeah, I play there.'"

Not surprisingly, sleep was at a premium for McCann on Friday night, but that was as much his choice as anything.

"The excitement and the fact that it's hard to take your eyes off him," he said. "I was just in amazement. From when we got into the hospital until he was born, everything was just surreal."