Rays don't expect any drama against Red Sox

Rays don't expect any drama against Red Sox

Rays don't expect any drama against Red Sox
ST. PETERSBURG -- When Red Sox pitcher Franklin Morales last faced Luke Scott and the Rays, things got a little heated.

The southpaw delivered five straight fastballs to Scott, with the final one hitting him in the leg, which caused both benches to clear in a May 25 matchup at Fenway Park.

After the game, Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon was not happy about the plunking, wondering who put out the "hit," and Boston manager Bobby Valentine brushed it off, suggesting it was a "Ghost of Fenway Past" that caused the incident.

Morales took the mound against the Rays in the opening game of the weekend series at Tropicana Field on Friday with Scott, who says he's since looked past the hit-by-pitch, batting seventh as the designated hitter.

"Water under the bridge, I've moved on," Scott said. "It happened and today's a new day. [We're] facing a very good baseball team. Going to go out there and try to find a way to win."

Scott had also been hit twice previously against Red Sox pitchers earlier in the season, but he said he just has to focus on what he can control and not worry about how Boston pitchers may approach the series.

"All I can do is speak for myself," Scott said. "I try to play the game with class. I respect all of my opponents, and that's just how I go about my business."

Maddon said he's also forgotten the incident and won't cause any problems unless provoked.

"I'm pretty good at dropping things and I think we are as a group also," Maddon said. "I really believe we have not instituted any of the discrepancies that we've gotten into. We definitely will respond, but under these circumstances, I'm sure if you asked them, they've forgotten also."

Valentine appears to have also moved on, saying he didn't expect any issues in the series and added, "I don't care, it's not a concern of mine."

Outside of any previous altercations, Boston has had a slight advantage over Tampa Bay in 2012, leading the season series 5-4 entering Friday.