Boston likely to remain quiet at Trade Deadline

Boston likely to remain quiet at Trade Deadline

Boston likely to remain quiet at Trade Deadline
ST. PETERSBURG -- With the July 31 Trade Deadline looming and the Red Sox sitting at .500, general manager Ben Cherington said he doesn't expect to be either a buyer or seller on the trade market. Not in the traditional sense, at least.

"We have some potential surplus in some areas that we could talk to teams about, and maybe there's a way to help us now and in the future," Cherington said Thursday. "But every year in Boston is too important. We're focused on winning this year and still believe we can."

That surplus is primarily in the outfield, where Boston will get back Jacoby Ellsbury and Carl Crawford soon. Cherington said the club can control most of those players, but they are open to discussing the idea of trading them.

"We're not really that motivated to do anything as long as we can hold onto it," Cherington said.

He added that the club might not have to go out and add to its payroll to acquire talent, because of the number of potential impact players on Boston's disabled list. Cherington went so far as to say that he hoped the Red Sox don't have to make many moves, though that would require their current players to produce like they have in the past.

"We've been saying for a while that we feel like we have a good team here, but at some point you've got to show it on the field. The reality is we're at .500 a day after the All-Star break. We have good players that have been playing. We have good players that are on the way back and getting healthy.

"At some point, we've got to stop talking about the cavalry coming back and just start winning games. So, we've got to do that."