All-Star postgame interview with Ron Washington

Q. Did you know Verlander was going to go out and try to throw as hard as he did early tonight?

RON WASHINGTON: No. I just expected him to be Verlander. Go out and get outs like he always does. It just didn't work out tonight. Just couldn't get the ball down early.

Q. How disappointing is this considering there was something riding on it?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, it's very disappointing, because we're competitors and we want to win. But I think you've got to tip your hat to the National League again. They came out, they swung the bats, once they got the lead, started bringing those arms in their hand, and they got the job done.

Q. Jeter said, I hope I get to the point I can complain about where we play Game 7 of the World Series. Is that the way you feel about it; there's so much left to go that it's kind of vague what you're playing for?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, I wouldn't say it's vague what you're playing for, because you're a competitor and you want to win.

But you know, I think every team out there that may have a chance at being in the World Series would like to play four games at home. But if you're in the World Series, to me, it doesn't matter.

Q. What was the reason for designating Yu Darvish as your last guy standing today?

RON WASHINGTON: He was the freshest guy we had. We shut him down from his last start. He had quite a few days off. If for some reason we had to play 14 or 15 innings, Yu could have stand out there and pitched the whole game for us.

Q. Might you slot him in as the No. 1 starter to start the second half?

RON WASHINGTON: No. He's throwing second.

Q. You mentioned yesterday how you just had not had much luck against the National League; are you getting tired of the National League?

RON WASHINGTON: No. I'll keep coming back here for 20 years, if I can. So no.

I think you have to realize what happened. You know, they put five runs on us. They swung the bat early in that game. They put up five runs. And as long as they put up that bullpen, give them some runs I think if it was reversed, if we had put some runs on the board, I think we would have been able to do the same thing. You just have to tip your hat. They scored and the pitching came in and did the rest. And in this game, if you can pitch, you've got a chance. And they can pitch. They did tonight, anyway.

Q. With the outstanding team that you had, are you surprised how dominant the National League was tonight from start to finish?

RON WASHINGTON: Yeah, I was surprised. As I said, you have Justin Verlander, you don't expect that they are going to come out and put five runs on him like that. That's why you can't predict baseball, you never know what's going to happen. They put five on us.