All-Star Game quotes from Derek Jeter

Q. Anything you can tell these guys after Chipper's pregame speech?

DEREK JETER: What to tell these guys after Chipper's passionate pregame speech? I don't know if I can follow that up. Look, I had an opportunity to come and see Chipper's last All Star Game, and what he's done for the game, goes without saying.

Q. These young kids tonight, it's one thing to have very young children idolize you with the way you perform, but what is it like having one of the youngest and most exciting players, Mike Trout, saying he wants to come here and meet Mr. Derek Jeter?

DEREK JETER: First, don't call me Mister --

Q. He did, I didn't.

DEREK JETER: -- don't call me Mister. That's my dad.

Always feels good. Like to see the young players when they come up, especially guys like him, they play it the right way and play it hard. A lot of times people pay so much attention to statistics to judge players, but I like to see how the players play the game, and they play hard.

Q. What do you expect for the Yankees the second half?

DEREK JETER: We have injuries but every team has injuries. It's just if you're able to recover from come them. We have a lot of guys step up, and our bullpen has been great and our stars have been good. Coming off the bench, when you need all 25 players, sometimes you need a few more and we've definitely used a lot.