Dodgers prepare to face Bauer for first time

Dodgers prepare to face Bauer for first time

Dodgers prepare to face Bauer for first time
PHOENIX -- Dodgers manager Don Mattingly doesn't know much about D-backs rookie Trevor Bauer, whom the club will face Sunday. But he does know the pitcher has an unusual way of preparing and working in games.

Earlier this week, Bauer caused a stir when he said he doesn't pitch to hitters' weaknesses, rather to his own strengths.

D-backs manager Kirk Gibson responded succinctly by saying, "You live and you learn." Before Saturday's game, Mattingly seemed to agree with his managerial counterpart about young players adapting to the big leagues.

"The game will teach you usually, it's a tough league," Mattingly said. "Guys will figure you out, you'll have to make adjustments. This is an adjustment league. If you can't do that, you can't play here. Have to make adjustments or else guys will figure you out."

Bauer also sparked conversations by telling reporters he doesn't like to throw fastballs down in the zone and instead he wants to elevate them, something most pitchers would hate to do consistently.

"If guys swing at it," Mattingly said, when asked if that sort of approach can work in the Majors. "He's got a good arm, a lot of it has to do with the style of pitcher you are. With power guys, you want them to pitch up in the zone, but obviously you can't just throw balls out of the strike zone and expect guys to swing at this level. You're not going to get guys to consistently swing at that. They'll wear you out and get your pitch count up. You have to throw in the strike zone."

In his first two starts with the D-backs, Bauer has allowed eight earned runs on 11 hits in just 7 1/3 innings.