Sveum not worried about Marmol's shaky outing

Sveum not worried about Marmol's shaky outing

Sveum not worried about Marmol's shaky outing
NEW YORK -- Carlos Marmol made Friday's final score a lot closer than it should have been, but Cubs manager Dale Sveum wasn't worried about his closer.

The Cubs led, 8-4, going into the ninth, and Marmol gave up a solo homer to Jordany Valdespin, then walked the bases loaded and served up a two-run single to Ike Davis. He got out of the jam when Lucas Duda hit a sharp line drive to Marmol, who caught it and doubled Davis off first base. The Cubs won, 8-7.

"Like I told Marmol today, 'Don't think too much into that,'" Sveum said. "[I told him], 'It wasn't like you were all over the place -- you were just missing with some sliders and things didn't work out, but the bottom line is you got the out when you had to and jammed the guy and got a soft liner, and fortunately we got a double play out of it.'"

The bottom line, Sveum said, is that Marmol threw strikes when he had to.

"I told him, on paper it didn't look too good, but we've seen the other ones where they were much worse than that," Sveum said.

How does Sveum handle those kind of innings when his closer is struggling?

"Once it gets to that point, my job is over, really," Sveum said. "You've got a four-run lead and you bring your closer in, we're going to win it, they're going to tie it, or they win it. ... It's up to the players to do their job after that.

"If they tie it, then you start managing all over again."