Tracy sees opportunities for Rockies to grow

Tracy sees opportunities for Rockies to grow

Tracy sees opportunities for Rockies to grow
ST. LOUIS -- The Rockies have lost half of 100 games at the season's halfway point, but that doesn't mean manager Jim Tracy has given up hope that the team will make major strides between now and season's end.

All around the diamond are signs of a bright future, even though that potential can be realized only if the starting pitching improves. Still, Tracy can see the opportunities for growth.

"No. 1, the continued progress of [rookie catcher] Wilin Rosario factors in," Tracy said. "In the case of Dexter Fowler in center field, can he offensively sustain what he's done up to this point? Tyler Colvin, I must continue to find opportunities for him to play and increase the number of at-bats, and see how it plays out from first half to second half.

"The pitching part ... [Christian] Friedrich and his continued development, Drew Pomeranz and the type of second half he will have. [Lefty reliever] Rex Brothers, does he settle in and become the completely reliable guy that you know he's capable of being? There are things we want to tighten up with [righty reliever] Adam Ottavino."

Tracy also mentioned a couple of first-half injuries that have hurt the club.

"There are so many interesting concepts and pieces here. Can we get [shortstop] Troy Tulowitzki in there? How does it look when we have Tulo in there, if Colvin continues and Fowler continues, along with [left fielder] Carlos Gonzalez? Can we get Jhoulys Chacin back before the season is over, and what does it look like when we get to that point?

"If we don't solely focus on the win-loss record, there are a lot of things that have taken place that are good, that you want to think you can hold onto moving forward. But out there on that [mound], that's got to get squared away."