No shakes: Bosio keeping it simple with Marmol

No shakes: Bosio keeping it simple with Marmol

No shakes: Bosio keeping it simple with Marmol
ATLANTA -- Carlos Marmol will be the Cubs' closer as long as he throws the pitches that the catcher calls. And if he doesn't, he owes pitching coach Chris Bosio a case of wine.

"I told him, 'You're not allowed to shake anybody off again,'" Bosio said Wednesday.

It's not just one pitch per batter. Marmol cannot say no to his catcher for his entire outing. Bosio implemented the plan when the right-hander returned from the disabled list May 28. How's it going so far?

"I already lost," Marmol said, laughing.

He had to pay up for a couple of shakes in one game, but since then, Marmol is 6-for-6 in save opportunities.

"I do what the catcher says now," he said. "I think it helps a little bit. When I called the pitch, I was thinking too much. When the catcher calls the pitch, it's, 'OK, let's go.' It's a good idea. It's a smart idea from him."

Marmol was 2-for-4 through May 2 in save situations, and Cubs manager Dale Sveum decided to switch to someone else after too many walks. Then, Marmol was sidelined with a hamstring injury. Now, he's got his job back.

"We're trying to simplify things, and it's working," Bosio said. "Sometimes it's more than a grip or a sign or a sequence. I think it's helped his overall mental approach."

Reminded that he's 6-for-6 since doing it Bosio's way, Marmol smiled.

"I better listen," Marmol said. "It works now, and we're going to keep it the same way."