GM Williams eyeing market, returning pitchers

GM Williams eyeing market, returning pitchers

GM Williams eyeing market, returning pitchers
CHICAGO -- General manager Ken Williams won't rule out making further deals before the July 31 Trade Deadline to improve his White Sox, but he's also hoping the guys who've gotten his team to this point -- in first place -- can finish the job.

Williams, whose team has a number of rookie pitchers filling roles for injured veterans, was asked before Tuesday night's game against the Rangers whether he'd be seeking veteran help on the mound in the coming weeks.

Starters John Danks and Philip Humber are currently on the disabled list, while reliever Jesse Crain might be headed in that direction with a sore shoulder.

"Some of the decisions are made for you," Williams said. "You can't reasonably expect to go out and get anyone better than a John Danks coming back. You can't reasonably expect to go out and replace Philip Humber in the next couple of weeks. Those deals just aren't out there. They're not out there without sacrificing so much of what you worked so hard to build up in your Minor Leagues. We just don't have that luxury to do that."

The same goes for adding veteran arms to the bullpen.

"We'll, we've talked about it," Williams said. "But we have the fortunate history of winning the World Series by putting a couple of rookies in the same stressful situation just a few years ago. I'm not just talking about [2005], but in [2008] to get to the division championship, we had to do the same thing.

"If a guy comes out and he shows you he can get it done and he's composed, then the stage is the stage. You've got to allow him to get the job done on the stage. But that's not to say something won't be out there that's obvious to us and will, again, make us exponentially better."