Scherzer on track to start in usual slot Sunday

Scherzer on track to start in usual slot Sunday

Scherzer on track to start in usual slot Sunday
DETROIT -- Max Scherzer arrived at Comerica Park on Tuesday and received treatment on the left hamstring injury that bothered him for the past few days. The improvement was almost immediate.

"If push came to shove, I could've pitched today if we really needed it," Scherzer said. "But at the same time, you have to be smart about these things. Hamstrings are recurring injuries. Throughout the league, guys who try to come back early from hamstring injuries, it's usually not a good thing."

So on Wednesday, Scherzer will simply reset the clock on his between-starts routine and begin working out as if he had pitched Tuesday. He'll remain on turn to pitch Sunday.

Better to miss one start the week before the All-Star break, the thought goes, than three or four weeks with a hamstring injury that gets aggravated trying to play through it or leads to another injury while trying to compensate. The Tigers have had enough of those as it is.

The Tigers needed an answer Monday night, and when Scherzer tried to throw and run, he still felt the hamstring tightness. Since it's up in his left leg, the landing leg in his delivery, it was a particular concern.

Tuesday was Scherzer's first chance to have the hamstring treated. He was back home in Missouri over the weekend for memorial services for his late brother, Alex. He left Saturday, the day after he tweaked the hamstring while doing his day-after-start running in the outfield at Tropicana Field.

"It's a freak injury," Scherzer said. "I've been doing running and conditioning the day after my starts for four years."