Not an All-Star, Greinke doesn't feel snubbed

Not an All-Star, Greinke doesn't feel snubbed

Not an All-Star, Greinke doesn't feel snubbed
MILWAUKEE -- Zack Greinke would have loved to make the All-Star team, especially considering the game is at his old stomping grounds in Kansas City. Greinke said he's still holding out hope of making the team in the event the National League needs a replacement.

But Greinke, who is 9-2 with a 3.08 ERA even after allowing five runs in six innings against the Marlins on Monday night, does not consider himself an All-Star snub.

"I thought depending on how many relievers made it, [I would have a chance]," Greinke said. "There's so many good starters this year -- there's half a dozen that have done just as well as the guys that made it, so I can't really complain. The starters this year, it's got to be the best in the last 20 years, I don't know. Maybe the last 30 years. It's pretty amazing."

He added: "You can't please everyone."

NL manager Tony La Russa has found that out, though considering this is his sixth All-Star Game, he knew it already. Cincinnati's Johnny Cueto is so upset about missing the cut, his agent Bryce Dixson suggested he may file a grievance through the Major League Baseball Players Association. They were upset that La Russa cited as a reason for the "snub" Cueto's start on the Sunday before the All-Star Game -- an assignment that previously would have disqualified him, but no longer does according to the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Greinke said he sympathizes with La Russa's tough task.

"I wanted to make the team, but it's not an easy job picking," Greinke said. "Cueto has pitched great. There's other guys who have pitched great, too. You can't make everybody happy. No matter who [La Russa] picks, there's going to be good arguments."

Greinke added, "It's kind of like the BCS stuff," referring to college football's much-debated and recently remodeled system of picking a national champion.

Asked whether he was holding out hope of being a replacement, Greinke said, "I hope so. Still, there's other guys who deserve it, too."