Firsts in Phillies All-Star history

Firsts in Phillies All-Star history

Firsts in Phillies All-Star history
Major League Baseball's first All-Star Game was played at Comiskey Park in Chicago on July 6, 1933. The American League, managed by Connie Mack of the Philadelphia A's, beat the National League, 4-2, before a crowd of 47,595.

The Phillies had two NL starters, right fielder Chuck Klein (1-4, batting third) and shortstop Dick Bartell (0-2, batting seventh).

Philadelphia native Jimmy Wilson was the NL's starting catcher as a member of the St. Louis Cardinals. Following that season, he was dealt back to the Phillies where he became their first All-Star catcher in 1935.

Phillies Starters (position-by-position)
C Jimmy Wilson, 1935
1B Pete Rose, 1981
2B Emil Verban, 1947
SS Dick Bartell, 1933
3B Pinky Whitney, 1936
LF Del Ennis, 1955
CF Harry Walker, 1947
RF Chuck Klein, 1933
P Robin Roberts, 1950
DH Ryan Howard, 2010

C Darren Daulton, 1993
1B John Kruk, 1993
2B Chase Utley, 2009
SS Jimmy Rollins, 2002
3B Scott Rolen, 2002
LF Raul Ibanez, 2009
CF Shane Victorino, 2009
RF Bobby Abreu, 2005
P Roy Halladay, 2011
DH Ryan Howard, 2012

Phillies Firsts
At-Bat Chuck Klein, 7/6/33
Run Richie Ashburn, 7/13/48
Hit Chuck Klein, 7/6/33
Double Jimmy Wilson, 7/8/35
Triple Mike Schmidt, 7/17/79
Home Run Johnny Callison, 7/7/64
RBI Pinky Whitney, 7/7/36
Stolen Base Richie Ashburn, 7/13/48
Error Andy Seminick, 7/12/49

Game Bucky Walters, 7/7/37
Win Ken Raffensberger, 7/11/44
Loss Curt Simmons, 7/9/57
Hit Bucky Walters, 7/7/37
Run Robin Roberts, 7/11/50
Walk Robin Roberts, 7/11/50
Strikeout Ken Raffensberger, 7/11/44

Most Selections
Mike Schmidt, 12 times
Robin Roberts, 7 times
Steve Carlton, 7 times

Del Ennis, OF, 1946
Richie Ashburn, OF, 1948*
Jack Sanford, RHP, 1957
Ray Culp, RHP, 1963
Juan Samuel, 2B, 1984
Tyler Green, RHP, 1995
Jimmy Rollins, SS, 2001 *starter in CF

Home Runs
Johnny Callison, RF 7/7/64 Shea Stadium
Richie Allen, 3B 7/11/67 Anaheim Stadium
Greg Luzinski, LF 7/19/77 Yankee Stadium
Mike Schmidt, 3B 8/9/81 Municipal Stadium

Johnny Callison, RF 7/7/64 Shea Stadium (Hit 3-run game-winning HR in the bottom of the ninth off Dick Radatz, 7-4.)

Winning Pitchers
Ken Raffensberger, LHP 7-1 7/11/44 Forbes Field
Doug Jones, RHP 8-7 7/12/94 Three Rivers Stadium
Heathcliff Slocumb, RHP 3-2 7/11/95 The Ballpark in Arlington

Eddie Sawyer 7/10/51 Briggs Stadium W 8-3
Gene Mauch 7/13/65 Metropolitan Stadium W 6-4
Dallas Green 8/9/81 Municipal Stadium W 5-4
Paul Owens 7/10/84 Candlestick Park W 3-1
Jim Fregosi 7/12/94 Three Rivers Stadium W 8-7
Charlie Manuel 7/14/09 Busch Stadium L 4-3
Charlie Manuel 7/13/10 Angels Stadium W 3-1