Frustrated with offense, Wedge holds team meeting

Frustrated with offense, Wedge holds team meeting

Frustrated with offense, Wedge holds team meeting
SEATTLE -- A day after making his discontent no secret following yet another abysmal offensive performance at home by the Mariners, manager Eric Wedge held a 22-minute team meeting prior to batting practice on Saturday.

The Mariners saw their batting average at home fall to .197 on the season after it took Boston's Aaron Cook just 81 pitches to two-hit them in a 5-0 loss Friday. They have scored just five runs in five games during their current homestand.

"What happened last night was unacceptable, it's as simple as that," Wedge said. "Your bad can only be so bad. The level of play at this level that I expect has to be better than that. I just made sure that they understand -- [in] not so many words -- what's important and what should be important, what their priorities are and what they should be, and just the way we're going to go about our business.

"Whether it be young players trying to figure it out or older players who're supposed to be doing better, whether you're playing every day or not playing every day, I don't give a damn."

Wedge had exhibited patience for much of the season, as he fended off questions about whether the fences should be moved in at Safeco Field, insisting the young offense would eventually come around. But as the All-Star break approaches, the team is hitting more than 60 points higher on the road than at home.

Wedge still made it clear the Mariners would continue to play the game his way, but he also said the team would make moves if players didn't start to show signs of improvement.

"What we do, is we come to the ballpark here and we play in a championship presence," Wedge said. "We come out here, we work towards being a championship team and we're going to find out just who the hell wants to be a part of it. We'll just go from there.

"You got to play every day like it's their last. Some of these people out here, they need to be playing every day like it's their last."