Washington done selecting All-Stars

Washington done selecting All-Stars

Washington done selecting All-Stars
ARLINGTON -- Ron Washington is playing this year's All-Star Game to win.

While Washington said that he will make an effort to get every All-Star on the field at some point, his first priority is an American League victory.

"It's not like your team, where you have nine guys that you ride and then those other guys just fill in when they get an opportunity. These are All-Stars," Washington said. "We'll flow with it and when we get deep in the game and we have a lead, we'll be playing to win."

With the fan and player All-Star voting rounds complete, Washington chose the final seven players on the AL All-Star roster. His choices won't be announced until Sunday, but he finished Saturday.

"It wasn't as stressful this time around as it was last time," Washington said. "I'd get home and maybe take half an hour or an hour while I'm watching TV. On commercial time, I'd go through it and write some stuff down. It wasn't distracting. But it's hard knowing that there are going to be some disappointed people."

Washington's team fell to Bruce Bochy's NL squad in last year's All-Star Game, forcing the Rangers to play Games 6 and 7 of the World Series in St. Louis. The Rangers lost both, but Washington said he doesn't mind the fact the All-Star Game determines home-field advantage in the Fall Classic.

"Game 6 or 7 would have turned out differently if we would have made some pitches. Being in St. Louis had nothing to do with it," Washington said. "That's the format. That's what we play under. I don't stress out about things I can't control."