Fans can enjoy MLB.TV at new lowered price

Fans can enjoy MLB.TV at new lowered price

Fans can enjoy MLB.TV at new lowered price
Standup comedian Josh Sneed was on tour and about to go on stage Thursday night at the Side Splitters Comedy Club in Tampa, Fla., but first, he sent this quick email to about a serious matter:

"MLB.TV is crucial for someone like me because of how much I'm on the road," Sneed said. "As a diehard Reds fan, I love that I can watch the game from my iPad as it's happening or when I get back from a show. I can check other scores or watch other games and just hope I don't get so mad that the iPad goes out a hotel window, no matter how bad I might need the material."

As the 2012 season moves into July this weekend, Major League Baseball Advanced Media announced on Friday that it has lowered the season price of MLB.TV Premium to $79.99 and basic MLB.TV to $64.99. It is a good time to see why fans like Sneed rely on MLB.TV to watch live out-of-market games anywhere and everywhere.

Sneed's home base is Cincinnati, and his Reds were about to open a road trip in San Francisco later that night. He was able to perform in front of his crowd and then fire up the iPad and watch what could have been a postseason series preview at AT&T Park. At Bat 12, the top-selling sports app of all-time in the Apple App Store, is included with the MLB.TV Premium subscription at no additional cost. Download the app and then your MLB.TV subscription will be authenticated, so you can enjoy complete mobile portability with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and most Android phones and tablets.

MLB.TV Premium lets you choose between home or away broadcasts. DVR Controls allow you to pause and rewind live games. Multi-game View lets you watch two games at once in Picture-in-Picture or split-screen mode. With Quad View, you can watch up to four games or highlights at once -- and that is exactly what Rays fan Michelle Spring of Tampa has been doing lately.

"I use MLB.TV on my desktop computer, and I've been using it since the beginning of this season and I also used it for a few months last season," Spring said. "Whenever I use MLB.TV, basic or Premium, I love the fact that I can watch multiple games at once. I first got MLB.TV to watch certain out-of-market games, but now I use it to watch other out-of-market games in general.

"The Rays games are blacked out for me on MLB.TV because I live in their market area, and I get to watch those games on Sun Sports on TV. But the out-of-market games I wanted to see were the Giants and Cubs games. After getting to watch multiple out-of-market games, I agree that it's good to watch not only your favorite team, but other MLB games as well.

"Last Friday, because the Rays-Phillies game was postponed, I was glad to have MLB.TV that night to watch other games. That night I was watching the Giants-A's, Cubs-D-Backs, Braves-Red Sox and Angels-Dodgers games all at the same time. This was the first time I watched four games at once, and just being a baseball fan in general, I absolutely loved it. It was great comparing the games to each other and seeing plays that you might not have seen if you were just watching one game."

Both packages give you In-Game Highlights and Stats updates automatically in the media player. Full-game archives and Condensed Games are available. You'll have access to Gameday Audio and the Pitch-by-Pitch App, which includes PITCHf/x and batter/pitcher tendencies. Managing a fantasy roster is easier because you can watch live look-ins of your players' at-bats.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 has been a major addition to MLB.TV's reach in 2012. Xbox LIVE Gold Membership is $59.99 for 12 months and is required for streaming live MLB.TV games over that platform. That experience brings unique features like a split-screen mode that lets you watch two games at once, and voice-control on Xbox 360 that lets you pause, rewind or fast-forward with the sound of your voice.

One of those Xbox watchers is Michelle Sistek of Seattle, and she said MLB.TV Premium has been a big difference-maker for her. She is a Dodgers fan, and along with her husband is raising a pair of little girls to love baseball, too.

"I was actually born and raised in Tucson, before the Diamondbacks," Sistek emailed. "We were Dodgers country, so I've been a Dodgers fan since I was six or seven. I moved to Seattle after college, and went without access to the Dodgers for many, many years.

"That all changed with MLB.TV. I've had it since midway through 2010, and it's great. I can watch on my iPad, my computer or my phone. I can sneak in day games when I'm at work. Last year, we bought a Roku so we could stream to TV. This year, we're using Xbox. So we really get a lot of use out of it."

Many other MLB.TV subscribers will be able to relate to this tweet by Sistek last week: "MLB.TV is awesome. I can sit outside and 'watch the kids' while I'm really watching the Dodgers." Yes, you can have it all.

Sistek, who also follows the Mets and Mariners to some degree, said in her email: "Being able to watch on computer and iPad is also great, because we have a two-year-old and a four-year-old, so sometimes we don't get to watch baseball on TV. But the girls are also learning to love MLB.TV. They like the Dodgers and Mets, too.

"So," she added, "I never plan to be without the Dodgers again, thanks to MLB.TV."

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