Acta believes more replay in works

Acta believes more replay in works

Acta believes more replay in works
NEW YORK -- There was a reason Indians manager Manny Acta was not near Jack Hannahan when the third baseman was ejected by third-base umpire Mike DiMuro during the top of the eighth inning on Tuesday night.

Acta was discussing a missed call with home-plate ump Jim Reynolds.

"I was talking with Jim Reynolds over here at the plate," Acta said on Wednesday. "That's when Jim told me, 'I think you better get going. One of your players got thrown out.' Me and Jim were going over that play."

The play in question that had Hannahan so heated took place in the top of the seventh of Cleveland's 6-4 loss to the Yankees. Hannahan was ruled out on a fly ball into foul territory, but replays showed that New York left fielder Dewayne Wise did not make the catch as he fell into the stands.

Hannahan went into the clubhouse during the bottom of the seventh and reviewed the replay. When he took the field for the eighth, he told DiMuro that he missed the call and the umpire promptly ejected the third baseman from the contest.

"You're not supposed to argue after replays," Acta said. "It's an automatic ejection if you go in and you mention that you've been watching replay and they're missing pitches and all that. If you're allowed to do that, then the game would last 10 hours.

"Me and Jim were talking about the play, and what will happen in the future if that's going to be part of what's going to be included [in instant replay]. That's when it all happened."

Acta did not see the replay of Wise's missed catch until after the game.

"During the game, I didn't have to see it," Acta said. "Since they didn't show it on the board, I knew he didn't catch the ball."