Slumping Davis out of Orioles' starting lineup

Slumping Davis out of Orioles' starting lineup

Slumping Davis out of Orioles' starting lineup
BALTIMORE -- Chris Davis was held out of the Orioles' lineup on Sunday, a decision manager Buck Showalter attributed to Davis' 0-for-28 slump and a tough matchup with Nationals left-hander Ross Detwiler.

Davis had made seven starts in right field over the Orioles' past eight games, but he sat in favor of Steve Pearce on Sunday. Ronny Paulino served as the team's designated hitter.

"We've got some other people who need to play and are going to play," Showalter said. "He's not the only guy that's not swinging the bat right now. He's capable of better."

The Orioles hit just .167 in their past eight contests entering Sunday, and Davis' 0-for-28 skid with nine strikeouts has been a big part of that.

Davis' slide began June 15 in Atlanta, the first game he played right field.

"When I was DHing, it took me a few games to really find out a routine that worked for me, and I think it's kind of the same thing with right field," Davis said. "I've obviously got a lot on my plate with learning how to line up against guys out there and kind of where I can and where I can't go, so I'm sure I'll figure it out."

Despite his recent slump, Davis seemed to be in good spirits Sunday. Speaking to a group of reporters, Davis cracked jokes about how he would use his off-day to tan and work on his "beach muscles" before adding that if things don't work out, he could always "go back to the bullpen."

Although he admitted to missing a few pitches he would normally hit, Davis wasn't discouraged by the way he's been swinging the bat. On Saturday against the Nationals, Davis smashed a pair of line drives that found gloves.

"I hit the ball hard a couple of times last night, didn't really have anything to show for it," Davis said. "That's just the way it goes sometimes. The positive thing I can take away from it is I am still having good at-bats. I'm not just going up there, seeing three pitches and sitting down. I'm still driving the ball and hitting it hard."

Even so, Showalter can see that Davis and many other members of his team are pressing and "trying to get it all back in one at-bat."

That's part of the reason Davis got the day off, and although he said he expects that taking a day to watch from the bench could be helpful, he'd rather be out there to work through his slump.

"I want in there every day. I want 100 at-bats even if I go 0-for-100," Davis said. "I'm sure it'll turn around. That's just the way the game is."