Schroeder recalls Crew-Sox rivalry of old

Schroeder recalls Crew-Sox rivalry of old

Schroeder recalls Crew-Sox rivalry of old
CHICAGO -- Brewers TV analyst Bill "Rock" Schroeder still remembers the heated rivalry between the Brewers and the White Sox of the past, when Milwaukee was still an American League team coached by Phil Garner.

From fights in the stands, to scuffles between Garner and White Sox manager Terry Bevington and White Sox first-base coach Doug Mansolino, the rivalry was heated, to say the least.

"The ultimate was when Doug Mansolino and Phil Garner got into it and there was a scuffle around third base," Schroeder said. "Phil Garner comes racing out and they start getting into a pushing match. I've never seen that before with a manger and a coach. Ultimately, Mansolino was on his coaching staff later on. Garner liked that kind of fire."

A brawl between players and managers in 1995 forced four-game suspensions for Garner and Bevington.

"Terry would always do things to irritate people," Schroeder said. "I think that was a true rivalry back in those days. The teams didn't like each other too much, because both teams were pretty good."

Garner even publicly called out White Sox broadcasters Ken "Hawk" Harrelson and Tom Paciorek to a fight, after the broadcasters suggested Garner was ordering pitchers to throw at White Sox hitters.

Schroeder said times are friendlier in today's game, and he couldn't see players or coaches reacting the way the Brewers and White Sox used to.

"I think there was more animosity that could build up over time when you're playing guys in your division that are close and you played people so many times," he said. "I think there's not so much of that anymore."