Buck back at backstop at Marlins Park

Buck back at backstop at Marlins Park

Buck back at backstop at Marlins Park
MIAMI -- Catching in intense 96-degree heat took its toll on John Buck in Boston on Wednesday.

The Marlins catcher was replaced in the middle of an at-bat in the ninth inning due to a cramp in the back of his right leg.

"The next day, everyone was like, 'How's your hamstring?'" Buck said. "It wasn't like I hurt my hamstring; that was the particular muscle that cramped up when I swung."

Actually, his whole body was locking up, and he went to great lengths to hydrate himself.

"I'd bend over and my back would lock up," he said.

Buck said he could have played on Thursday in the series finale at Fenway Park, but Brett Hayes got the starting nod to play it safe.

On Friday night, Buck was back in the starting lineup in the series opener with the Blue Jays, his former team.

"I didn't feel good at all," Buck said of his body shutting down on him at Fenway Park. "It was pretty humid. It was just the long innings we had every single inning made me sweat a bit too much."

The Marlins lost, 15-5, that night, and the Red Sox scored three runs in the second and third innings, and had a six-run fourth. They added a run in the fifth, too, causing Buck to spend long periods behind the plate.

As treatment, the Red Sox training staff sent over drink packets that included sodium to help get Buck on his feet.

"The Red Sox actually sent over some packets that I put in water," the catcher said. "It took about two hours to where I was OK."

Unable to move well, Buck received some assistance in changing from Hayes.

"Good friend and good teammate," Buck said.