Three Mariners regulars sit out Wednesday

Three Mariners regulars sit out Wednesday

Three Mariners regulars sit out Wednesday
PHOENIX -- For Wednesday's afternoon series finale against the D-backs, Mariners manager Eric Wedge put together what he called a "makeshift lineup," giving multiple regulars a day off.

Neither Jesus Montero, Franklin Gutierrez nor Justin Smoak were in the lineup, although they were available to pinch-hit.

"I planned on giving Gutierrez and Montero a day, and Smoak's knee is still bothering him," Wedge said. "It was a long night last night."

Smoak fouled a ball off his right knee in Tuesday's 10-inning victory, but stayed in the game.

"It clipped him pretty good," Wedge said. "He's sore today."

Gutierrez, who came off the disabled list June 14, had played six straight games before Wednesday.

Wedge said the four-hour game on Tuesday affected Montero the most behind the plate.

"He was feeling it, a long night back there, his legs needed the day," Wedge said. "He got through the game and finished strong though."

The 22-year-old catcher batted 1-for-5 with four strikeouts Tuesday following a hitless game in four at-bats on Monday.

"After the game I told him he was going to get the day today," Wedge said. "He has a really good understanding of what he needs to do. Just needs a period of time to get there."