Polanco's wrist feeling better since shot

Polanco's wrist feeling better since shot

Polanco's wrist feeling better since shot
TORONTO -- Placido Polanco got the start at third base and was penciled into the two-hole for the second consecutive day after missing Friday's series opener against the Blue Jays.

The 36-year-old has been dealing with a small tear in the tendon of his left wrist, which required him to miss a week of action before returning to Philadelphia's lineup on Wednesday.

Time off, coupled with a cortisone shot he received for the ailment, has gone a long way toward making the injury tolerable.

"It's good, I haven't felt anything," Polanco said.

Cortisone shots can mask the pain for months on end, but Polanco said it all depends on where the injury occurs. He is hopeful that this one "will last longer" and allow him to play through the injury for the remainder of the season.

Despite the wrist, Polanco is enjoying his best month of the season at the plate. Entering Sunday's game, the veteran was hitting .314 with a .790 OPS -- the best totals he has put up in any month this year.

"I've been seeing the ball better for like the last month and a half," said Polanco, whose hot month has increased his average to .282 on the season.

Polanco said it was difficult doing work in the cage as he was battling through the wrist injury. Extra reps could lead to further discomfort and increase the risk of the wrist flaring up further.

Since the cortisone shot, Polanco has been able to go back to his old routine, which includes cage and tee work.