Ozzie backs his coaching staff amid struggles

Ozzie backs his coaching staff amid struggles

Ozzie backs his coaching staff amid struggles
ST. PETERSBURG -- A lack of run production isn't causing panic within the Marlins organization.

Manager Ozzie Guillen completely backs his coaching staff, and the front office isn't considering any changes to the staff.

Miami ranks 14th in the National League in runs scored with 235 and hitting with runners in scoring position (.217).

Hitting coach Eduardo Perez isn't being made a scapegoat.

"That's a bunch of [nonsense]," Guillen said. "It's funny, nobody gave Eduardo any credit when we were good. Now they're going to [dump] on him because we're not hitting. Blame the players. They were good two weeks ago. Same hitting coach."

On June 3, the Marlins were 31-23 and percentage points behind the Nationals for first place in the National League East. Since then, the team has dropped nine of 10, and fell to 32-32 after losing on Friday.

"Hitting coach, pitching coach, managers and third base coach, we're here to take the blame," Guillen said. "We're not here to take the glory. We can live with that.

"I've said this [long] ago, as long as my coaches go out there and work, they're working for me. As long as I know they're working. If they aren't working, we'll make a move. As long as they work, I don't care what anyone thinks, including the boss. I fire my coaches. Nobody else fires my coaches. The only reason they're going to get fired is if I don't see them doing what they're supposed to do."

The staff is putting in the time, and providing the players with the necessary information.

"Obviously, when people struggle, we're going to take the blame," Guillen said. "But I think this guy has been working hard every day. He makes suggestions. But in the meanwhile, when the game starts, he can't perform for them."

Guillen feels the players have been anxious, and sometimes they're not carrying over what they've worked on in batting practice into the games.

"I don't think they're panicking," the manager said. "I think they're trying to overdo stuff. When you do that, it makes things worse. The only reason they fail is they're swinging at a lot of bad pitches."