Adding Quentin has boosted rest of lineup

Adding Quentin has boosted rest of lineup

Adding Quentin has boosted rest of lineup
OAKLAND -- There's no denying that Carlos Quentin has had a big impact on the Padres' offense since joining the team on May 28.

Before that, the Padres were averaging 3.08 runs per game with a slash line of .220/.298/.459. But since then -- and 16 games still qualifies as a small sample size -- the team is averaging 4.25 runs a game with a slash line of .258/.328/.444.

And while Quentin has been a boon for the offense, it's not just him. Manager Bud Black and those who play with Quentin agree that the lineup functions much better with him in it.

"Without a doubt," said Padres third baseman Chase Headley, who not so coincidentally had a 10-game hitting streak after Quentin returned. "I think that he gives everyone a little better chance to succeed. It's nice to have that big bat in the middle of the lineup."

Since Quentin returned, Headley has a .333/.435/.508 slash line.

"In just in the small time I've hit in front of him, I can tell I have been pitched a little different than I was before. It's nice to have him in there. I think it sets the rest of the lineup a little better to where it should be," Headley said.

This point hasn't been lost on Black.

"When you're pitching and you know a certain guy [Quentin] is on deck, the guys in front of him should get more strikes," Black said. "And you don't want Carlos coming up with guys on base."

Since missing the first 49 games after having knee surgery in March, Quentin is hitting .413 and has 10 extra-base hits with a .526 on-base percentage.

"Carlos was a guy that we were excited to get, a guy we planned on being in the middle of the lineup the majority of the time," Headley said. "I think this is more what they envisioned than before [the knee injury in March]. Hopefully he can keep it going."