Melvin to be on coaching staff at All-Star Game

Melvin to be on coaching staff at All-Star Game

Melvin to be on coaching staff at All-Star Game
DENVER -- A's manager Bob Melvin quickly scratched his original All-Star break plans when Rangers skipper Ron Washington phoned him with an intriguing offer.

Washington wanted to know if Melvin would join his staff for the 83rd All-Star Game, and his answer came immediately.

"Boy that didn't take that long to accept that," Melvin said Wednesday. "It surprised me, but it's quite an honor being asked to do that. An All-Star Game is a feather in anybody's cap.

"We had some plans, but I made a quick call home and said, 'Look, we need to do something a little differently,' and everyone was on board with that."

Melvin was a member of Bob Brenly's D-backs staff for the National League at the 2002 All-Star Game in Milwaukee that memorably ended in a tie. But being asked to go, rather than forced to, makes this year's journey all the more special for Melvin.

"I've always admired him," said Washington, who also handpicked Royals manager Ned Yost. "He's a solid baseball man. You never hear Bob making excuses. He's doing a good job with the Oakland A's team. Jim Leyland told me when he brought me on to coach in the All-Star Game that if I ever got the opportunity to be a manager in the All-Star Game, I should look around and give opportunities to guys that may not have been in an All-Star Game.

"Bob had something planned with his family and when I called him, he talked to his wife, and she immediately said, 'Let's go to the All-Star Game.' I was happy for that. I gave Bob a chance to be out of it but they wanted to come out to the All-Star Game and I want to have them. That was a good thing."

As for making a bid for his own players to join him at the Midsummer Classic, Melvin said, "There are probably some guys I would recommend to Ron if he wants me to do that. As we get a little closer, maybe we'll start to talk about some names, but I'm a little uncomfortable at this point talking about it, because I don't want to leave someone out."