Podsednik continues to spark Red Sox

Podsednik continues to spark Red Sox

Podsednik continues to spark Red Sox
MIAMI -- As Scott Podsednik continues to get hits for the Red Sox, other teams might regret the fact the outfielder could have been had for just about nothing over the last year and a half.

Stuck in the Minor Leagues for all of 2011 and the first six weeks of 2012, Podsednik has resurfaced in productive fashion.

Podsednik, who led off Tuesday's 2-1 win over the Marlins against former teammate Mark Buehrle, is hitting .370 in his first 15 games with the Red Sox. Podsednik has a .375 on-base percentage and four stolen bases.

"Top, bottom, wherever he's hitting, he's played a great brand of baseball for us," said manager Bobby Valentine. "He's an aggressive guy who, his confidence, I think, is something our team needs to see. And he's performing well. Heck, when you're hitting .400, stealing bases when you get the opportunity and scoring runs, you're doing a pretty good job."

How is it that Podsednik couldn't find his way on a Major League roster for so long when he is playing this well at the age of 36?

"I can't explain it. He explains just that he's more healthy," Valentine said. "He's feeling much better than he has in a while. When you have 100 percent health, you can perform. That's the only chance you have at performing at this level, at a high level. He's doing that."

Though Podsednik isn't quite the burner he once was, he remains a viable threat on the bases.

"Well, he takes the best lead of anyone on our team. He takes it in the proper place," Valentine said. "He has very good technique when he starts. He understands how to slide, so in between that, there's those nine good strides, which is a fast runner. His start and his finish are what make him good. I don't know what his speed was and is necessarily, but it's functional."