Rangers Enter Into 6 Year Partnership with Luber Brothers

Arlington, Texas —The Texas Rangers today announced a new six-year partnership with Luber Brothers as the club’s Official Supplier of Grounds and Sports Turf Equipment.

Luber Brothers, which has nearly a half century of experience in supplying golf, sport, and municipal turf equipment, will be helping the Rangers “Go Green” with new top-of-the-line Jacobsen Hybrid turf equipment. The new equipment will save the Rangers energy and reduce their carbon footprint while helping to create the best playing conditions in Major League Baseball.

The turf equipment includes two Jacobsen Tri-Plex Eclipse Hybrid 322 mowers and a Jacobsen Walk-Behind Hybrid Eclipse mower, which provide the highest quality of cut in the industry, while being environmentally friendly. The environmentally-conscious package also included seven EZ-GO Terrain 250 Electric vehicles with poly beds and turf tires.

“I’m really excited about the Eclipse 322 riding turf mowers with hybrid engines,” said Rangers Director of Grounds Dennis Klein. “In addition to significant fuel savings, we also have peace of mind knowing the risk of hydraulic leaks on our field is completely eliminated.”

Luber Brothers is also the official supplier of grounds and sports turf equipment for the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans. The company provides reliable customer support across the United States and worldwide as well. The company, with a central office in Dallas, has locations throughout the United States.

“Luber Brothers is exceptionally proud to be forging this agreement with the Texas Rangers and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship,” said Ron Luber, Luber Brothers Vice President. “Our association with Jacobsen/Textron and its environmentally-friendly product line helped fill a glaring need for many organizations and, consequently, was instrumental in Luber Brothers meeting the goals and needs of a valuable business partner.”