Barmes, Hurdle have company in 'Clint' club

Barmes, Hurdle have company in 'Clint' club

Barmes, Hurdle have company in 'Clint' club
PITTSBURGH -- Clint Barmes and Clint Hurdle have lost their distinction as the only two men named "Clint" in Major League uniforms. But the guy who busted up their monopoly -- Kansas City rookie first baseman Clint Robinson -- at least had the decency to do so by making a house-call.

Robinson was called up from Triple-A Omaha by the Royals for the Interleague series opener on Friday, and made his big league debut that night as a ninth-inning pinch-hitter. Listening from his shortstop position as Robinson was introduced, Barmes' ears perked up.

"Yeah, right away I heard we had company," Barmes said. "And all three of us are right here. How about that?"

Since stuff like this is not part of the routine big league orientation, Robinson was surprised to hear of the select company he had joined -- especially given his experiences growing up in Missouri.

"I didn't know that until you just told me," Robinson said prior to Sunday's finale of the PNC Park set. "Once it sinks in, it'll probably be more exciting.

"I actually had three or four 'Clint' buddies growing up. We played the same [American] Legion ball and all that stuff together. It was always confusing. I had one that lived next door, one that played on the same Little League team as me, so I mean, I've been around quite a few."

Robinson spent the weekend around two others.