Simmons knocks first career homer in win

Simmons knocks first career homer in win

Simmons knocks first career homer in win
ATLANTA -- Andrelton Simmons does not remember exactly what he felt after he drilled his first career home run off Drew Hutchison in the seventh inning of Saturday's 5-2 win over the Blue Jays. But the Braves' rookie shortstop will never forget the moment.

"It was amazing," Simmons said. "I try to hide my emotions when I'm happy. But I couldn't this time."

After drilling Hutchison's first-pitch slider over the left-field wall to open the bottom of the seventh inning, Simmons completed a home run trot that he has not practiced much over the past couple years. He totaled six home runs in 1,039 plate appearances at the Minor League level.

When Simmons returned to the dugout, his teammates greeted him with the silent treatment. As they ignored him for a few seconds, he stood beside the bat rack and acted like he was exchanged high-fives.

"I can't remember how fast I went," Simmons said. "I saw the guys sitting down. I've got a good read on them. I've been around them a little bit. I knew what they were doing."

When the Braves promoted Simmons to begin his reign as their starting shortstop at the beginning of this month, they were looking forward to the dependability he would bring with his glove. Along with legitimizing the hype about his defensive skills, he has managed to hit .292 (7-for-24) with a double, triple and homer in the first seven games of his career.

"He's a great, talented kid. It's a lot of fun to watch him play," Uggla said. "He got that first homer today. It's something special. I still remember mine like it was yesterday."