MRI shows groin strain not serious for Millwood

MRI shows groin strain not serious for Millwood

MRI shows groin strain not serious for Millwood
SEATTLE -- Kevin Millwood, who left Friday's no-hitter after six innings because of a mild right groin strain, had an MRI Saturday that showed no significant damage. Mariners manager Eric Wedge said Millwood would be monitored day by day.

"We've got an off-day on Monday to work with, so we're going to see how he feels as he works back -- he even played catch today -- so we'll just see how it works as we work through the week," Wedge said.

With the day off on Monday, Wedge said he could push back Millwood's next start a few days without having to make any changes in the rotation.

Teammates expressed disappointment that Millwood's bid for a second career no-hitter was cut short due to injury, but Wedge knew the veteran wouldn't have exited the game if something wasn't truly wrong.

"I knew it was something considerable for him to come out of the game," Wedge said. "When you're talking about your leg, in particular from a pitching standpoint, it's real. I think he was smart enough not to push it any further, something to jeopardize him losing more time. Hopefully we dodged a bullet. We'll find out soon.

"It's nothing I didn't already know because that's who he is. He's the consummate team player. He's not going to put himself ahead of the team. He understands what it means to be a pro, to be a good teammate, to respect the game. The two things that we've always talked about being non-negotiable here are respecting the game and being a good teammate, and he's at the top of the list on both of those."

Millwood said he first felt something on the second-to-last pitch in the sixth inning. He was able to strike out Tony Gwynn with the next offering but said he was lucky not to have to stay out there longer. After having his leg wrapped during the home half of the sixth, Millwood tried to continue but walked off the field after throwing just one warm-up pitch.