Viciedo out of lineup, will not play third

Viciedo out of lineup, will not play third

Viciedo out of lineup, will not play third
CHICAGO -- Dayan Viciedo exited Friday night's 8-3 loss to the Astros due to cramping in both hamstrings, and he was out of Saturday afternoon's lineup as well. The move was more about the White Sox being extra cautious with the outfielder, whose 24 RBIs since May 14 lead the American League.

"It's tight, but I'm getting therapy on it, so it's starting to feel better," said Viciedo through translator and manager of cultural development Jackson Miranda. He also added that he would be available to pinch-hit, and that his left hamstring was tighter than the right. "It's something that I'm working through it right now. I don't want to risk anything."

"We got a long way to go, and I don't want to push it for him to go out there," White Sox manager Robin Ventura said. "If a guy feels he needs to pull himself out, I don't necessarily want to put him right back in there the next night if he feels it's bad enough to come out the night before."

While Viciedo's malady seems to be minor, the same can't be said for Brent Morel. The third baseman returned to Chicago on Friday after pulling himself out of Triple-A Charlotte's game on Thursday during his Minor League rehab.

Morel appears to have re-aggravated his back problem that put him on the disabled list, retroactive to May 18. The 25-year-old was set to undergo more in-depth tests to figure out the latest issue.

"That's the first thing, to figure out what's going on for him," Ventura said. "Seeing the way he was in Spring Training, to kind of the way the start was to the season, to me it is more that was the issue. So we gotta figure out what it is first, and then kind of find your way back after that. You gotta be able to solve that for him first."

However, the continued absence of Morel, and the loss of the designated hitter during this week's Interleague action in St. Louis and Los Angeles doesn't mean Viciedo will move back to third base, where he originally started with the White Sox. Ventura likes him in left field.

"Right now, I wouldn't see him playing third," said Ventura, who will stick with Orlando Hudson, Eduardo Escobar and Brent Lillibridge, even if it means losing the bat of Viciedo or Adam Dunn in a National League-hosted game. "We have options; three other guys who can play that."